Frima - Cultive ton audace créative

Foster your bold creativity


Frima - Best places to work
Frima - Unlock the possibilities

Unlock the possibilities

We’re always aiming for the next level. We work together to win the next race, complete the mission, conquer the world…
Buckle up, there are big things ahead.


Evolve alongside a team that has your back, rain or shine.

Frima - Égaux, pas égo Frima - Égaux, pas égo

Here for
each other

Everyone is equally important and can be themselves. At Frima, talent is seen, listened to, and recognized.

Frima - Invincibles en équipe Frima - Invincibles en équipe

as a team

We don’t fear challenges because we know we’ll never face them alone. We get a kick out of solving problems as a team.

Frima - Du « jeu » pour te dépasser Frima - Du « jeu » pour te dépasser

More than just a game

Work for a people-first organisation that believes in you and encourages you to become the best version of yourself. Seize the opportunity to evolve through diversified projects.

Frima - L'humain derrière le candidat Frima - L'humain derrière le candidat

The human behind the candidate

We make it a point to choose people that share our values before anything else.

  • Frima - Égaux, pas égo
  • Frima - Invincibles en équipe
  • Frima - Du « jeu » pour te dépasser
  • Frima - L'humain derrière le candidat

Value-driven success


Here for each other.

  • Respect
  • People-first
  • Inclusivity
  • Authenticity


Creating tomorrow’s games.

  • Smart solutions
  • Impact
  • Proactivity
  • Ambition


Think and do outside the box.

  • Curiosity
  • Originality
  • Innovation
  • Openness


Invincible as a team.

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Communication
  • Synergy
  • Trust


Having fun excelling.

  • Creativity
  • Player!
  • Emotions
  • Entertainment
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Frima - What gets us going

What gets us going

  • Working with a team of diverse talents
  • Challenges and the confidence to overcome them
  • Having a real impact on projects and within the company
  • Being aware of the latest creative and technological trends

We take care of our own


At Frima, balance is part of our daily life – we like to live healthy, whether it’s in our relationships or our lifestyle!


  • 4.5 days a week = longer weekends!
  • 100% flexibility! Home/hybrid/studio, you decide!
  • No-meeting Friday mornings and the afternoon off!
  • Flexible schedule – we all have a life to live
  • Up to 7 weeks of vacation
  • Holidays = down time courtesy of Frima!
  • Personal days to use as you wish!

Health and wellbeing

Because a healthy mind in a healthy body is a must!


  • Excellent group insurance coverage
  • A health specialist accessible online in minutes
  • Lots of resources to help you, at your fingertips
  • Ergonomics is important, even when working remotely
  • We promise a healthy environment

Future and savings

Because your future plans are important to you, they’re just as important to us. We like collaborating with fulfilled people!


  • Frima invests with you in your savings (TFSA, RRSP)
  • $100/month to juggle the realities of working from home

Skill development

At Frima we believe that we can always learn and grow personally and professionally, let’s work together!


  • Your professional development is important to us
  • Want to develop your career? We’re there for you.
  • Need to adhere to a professional order? We’ll pay for it!

Studio life

Even if life has changed… it has to stay practical!


  • Neighborhood life with a gaming energy
  • No lunch? No problem! Lots of restaurants close by.
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • A place to relax and game
  • Your back is important! Studio massages.
  • Free gym on premises
  • We help with travel (bus, bike, car)

The good life

Just because we like to make people happy and because we’re epicureans at heart!


  • Snacks/tea/coffee to feed your cravings
  • Epicurean morning gatherings
  • Team celebrations of our successes!
  • A plethora of other nice surprises!


Because, why not?


  • A hyperactive social club in Montreal and Quebec!
  • Help us choose your colleagues! Generous reference bonuses!
  • Privilege card with discounts in the neighborhood
  • And a slide, just because!
01 07
Knowing that I was moving far away from the country where I lived scared me a little, but everything went well. I was accompanied from the very first meeting to my arrival in Quebec. Frima took care of all the complicated stuff and I just had to provide the required documents. Once there, they helped me with finding an apartment and I was able to enjoy many of Frima’s benefits.


What I like about Frima is that we’re always innovating and improving flexibility, constantly encouraged to get out of our comfort zone. I love that! Cooperation is also an integral part of my daily life. I feel that I learn and evolve a lot thanks to my colleagues.


Frima Studio has changed my perception of the employee/employer relationship. For 3 years now, I have known that my work is appreciated by management and my colleagues. The recognition and appreciation I receive on a daily basis has increased my confidence in myself and my skills. And what can I say about my quality of life, which has improved enormously with the implementation of remote work! All of these things make me want to go to work in the morning. I look forward to many more years at Frima Studio!


I love working at Frima, because they give me space to grow and keep learning in my area of expertise. The value we have that connects with me the most is cooperation. I think it’s essential to share knowledge so we can all grow together. At Frima, everyone is invited to share their ideas, because it’s the best way to bring our work to the next level. All this in a very warm and welcoming atmosphere!


What surprised me the most when I first started at Frima was to see how the values that are on the office walls are truly the ones you live on a daily basis. It’s an open, collaborative and inclusive work environment. What a great Quebec organization!


We need impact players.

Business Intelligence

Corporate Services




Quality Assurance

Technical Art

Our job offers


Senior UI Designer


  Ready to Level-up in your career? Frima is looking for a UI Designer for its UX/UI team.   At Frima, we’ve been cultivating creative audacity for...


UI Designer


  Ready to Level-up in your career? Frima is looking for a UI Designer for its UX/UI team.   At Frima, we’ve been cultivating creative audacity for...


Senior Technical Artist

Technical Art

    We need an impact player!        Frima is looking for a Senior Technical Artist to help take its Technical Art team to the next level.       ...


We’re always looking for the best talent