Frima takes its brand to the next level with the unveiling of its new employer brand and website

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Revenir en arrière

Frima Entertainment Studio today unveiled its new employer  brand and reinforces its position as an employer of choice in the video game industry. Carried by the voice and shared values of its team, the new brand features five employee faces in a bold concept that propels us  into the creative world of video games. The human and creative side of this campaign is also highlighted on the website while demonstrating the expertise and culture that Frima has developed over the past 20 years.

“Frima is an entertainment studio that will soon be celebrating its 20th anniversary and has carved out a great place for itself in the industry. Thanks to the exceptional talent that we have in our ranks. In our universe, we create unique and colorful characters. We wanted to create a flamboyant display of our employer brand that would illustrate the creative audacity that is so characteristic of our people at Frima. On the one hand, to mobilize our world, and on the other, to inspire other talents to join us,” explains Christian Daigle, President, CEO and co-founder of Studio Frima.

Concept: five faces, five values with a video game flavor

Frima’s employer brand honors five members of its team whose faces open onto visuals inspired by the gaming world. Each face embodies a company value illustrated by a well-known entertainment term with the tagline “Are you more a multiplayer (cooperation), open world (boldness) creative (fun), tactical (entrepreneurship) and support class (kind-hearted). The brand brilliantly combines the world of video games with the shared values and expertise of the Frima team.

More than an employer brand

In an era of labour shortages and competitiveness that affects all industries, employers need to be creative to stand out. Studio Frima has understood this and has been making it its main focus for several years.  The company offers unique working conditions, up to seven weeks of vacation, 4.5-day weeks year-round, 100% flexible work arrangements, free access to an online health specialist in less than 10 minutes, and more.

“At Frima, in addition to creating incredible digital experiences, we want our poeple to feel good, fulfilled, supported, to encourage that creativity that we have. We have a lot of ideas in our heads to always optimize what we offer to our teams. We will continue to offer bold working conditions and develop our corporate culture based on our values to attract the best talent and stand out as an employer,” says Annie Plourde, Vice President, Talent and Culture.